5ft King Size Memory Foam Mattress Silver Range

Product Specification Details

Range: Silver
Size: 5ft x 6.6ft/150x200cm
Total Depth: 8inch/20cm
Colour: White
Layer Qty: 2
Layer 1: 2inch/5cm MF
Layer 2: 6inch/15cm RFLX
Layer 3: N/A
Layer 4: N/A
Guarantee: 10 Years
Delivery: 1-2 Working days
Free Item: 2 x Free Memory Foam Pillows
Density: 75KG
Cover: Removable / Washable / ‘CoolSoft’ Cover

More Information

King size memory foam mattress is only one of the famous options from the effective Silver range! Our Silver mattress has forever been one of our most popular items and is even more so now it is division of our business.

By combining value and comfort this visco elastic mattress is simply fantastic. We use high quality memory foam to provide a comfortable sleep in our king size memory foam mattress, supportive sleeping surface.  You can be sure your memory foam mattress king will serve you well for many years to come!

A good quality mattress king size is essential to a great night’s sleep, the Silver offers you the comfort and support you deserve.

Memory foam is a miracle material. It moulds and shapes to the exact outer of your body offering you with full support. Old fashioned pocket sprung mattresses have been known to create sleeping problems. This is because of the way springs work. When you lie on a sprung you body weight pushes the springs. These compressed springs like to do what comes naturally to them; to spring back to their real shape! This can create issues like: pressure points, poor circulation, tossing and turning.

Memory foam is different.

Memory foam doesn’t push back in the same way as springs. Memory foam can ease pressure points, improve circulation and minimise tossing and turning. Memory foam can give you the sleep you deserve.

And with low, factory direct prices you can get all this at a very competitive price. So create you perfect sleep haven with a king size latex mattress from the Silver range.

The Silver Plus Memory Foam Mattress comes straight from our world company. Choose the Silver for Pure relieve, so your Dream’s do come true.

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