6 Bed Super King Size Mattress Memory Foam Sleep Experience

6 bed super king size mattress memory foam sleep experience. Sleep is an amazing thing and when you sleep on a memory foam mattress it can make your night even more special. But if you find it hard to sleep then you might find that sleep can be more of a pain than a pleasure. There are some common strategies which people will use if they can’t sleep but are these the correct things to do?

Should I go to bed earlier?

Another common strategy to cope with insomnia is to spend more and more time in bed in an effort to catch up on lost sleep. In short go to bed earlier. However, spending more time in bed actually increases sleep problems for several reasons. First, increased time in bed reduces prior wakefulness, which disturbs sleep. Secondly, increased time in bed leads to lower sleep efficiency, which makes the bed a stronger cue for wakefulness.

What can I do about this? Will a 6 bed help?

Reduce your time allotted for sleep so that it more closely matches the amount of sleep you average each night. This can be accomplished by going to bed later, getting up earlier or a combination of both. You can determine your maximum allowable time in bed by simply adding one hour to your average sleep time. For example, if you average five hours of sleep per night, reduce your time allotted for sleep to six hours.

Trying to binge on sleep doesn’t seem to work. If you have missed on your sleep then try and get back into a sensible sleep pattern as soon as possible. You can avoid staying awake in bed by trying a memory foam mattress. Its state of the art memory foam material offers comfort and support. Take a look at our range of memory foam products today and see if we can help you. With our 6ft mattress you will want to go to bed early!

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