Bed Bases ideal for a Smaller Room!

Single bed bases are really popular for children and teens as they offer a good size bed to sleep in while saving space in the bedroom. Whether you sleep in a double or a single bed you need a mattress that offers the right level of support whilst still being comfortable. This is why Amazon offer their memory foam mattresses in all the standard sizes from single to super king. Some people don’t really consider what single mattress they buy but you should be as careful when choosing a single mattress as you are when choosing a double. Single mattresses are mostly used by children and teenagers or are sometimes used as guest beds.

Children and Teens

It’s important that children and teens are well supported while they sleep, a support that can be found in a memory foam mattress. There are too many cases of children or teenagers having to sleep on hand me down mattresses form their older siblings or parents. These mattresses are often old and worn and don’t offer enough support for the child to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is important for a child in three ways. It helps them grow; a key hormone in your child’s growth is only released during sleep. It helps them learn; sleep lets your child assimilate what they have learned during the day. It helps them achieve; a well rested child is motivated child. So don’t let your child sleep on any old mattress. Invest in a Amazon memory foam mattress and see how it helps your child.

Guest Beds

Many homes now have a dedicated guest room. These are sometimes rooms that have always been guest rooms but more commonly are rooms that are converted when a child leaves home. They are usually decorated in neutral colours. Though many guest rooms do have a double bed there are a number of situations where a single bed is a better choice. If the room is quite small for example you might only have room for a single bed. Single beds are also cheaper than doubles so if you are on a budget a single bed might be the best option. With wide range of memory foam products your sure to find the mattress that is right for you.

So whatever your reason for buying a single mattress, take a look a range of high quality memory foam mattresses available to you at factory direct prices.

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