Getting the Best Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattress

Looking to add some luxuriousness to your sleep? Want to get your hands on the memory foam mattress and are looking to get the right foundation for it? Well, you would be in need of best bed frame for memory foam mattress. There are a number of things that you would have to consider when choosing the bed frame and with all the fancy choices luring you towards them it becomes tough to select the right one. Here are certain features that will combine to make the right foundation for your mattress.

Your budget

There are a lot of choices available to you in the market and the price range varies a lot. These come in various styles and are built from different materials. When going out to purchase a frame, you should specify a budget and stick to it. Never go beyond the limits. It may cost form a few hundred dollars to up to thousands of dollars.

Durability and longevity

The bed frame needs to be durable and it should last for a long time. You would have to be changing it on regular intervals. It depends on the quality of the material with which your bed frame is constructed. Make sure that you always go for the best one that falls within your budget to assure a strong foundation for your mattress.

Setup and Maintenance

The frames should be easy to assemble and disassemble. There should not be a lot of effort and technicalities involved in it. The reason is that there are times when you would have to move bed from one place to the other one and you won’t like spending hours figuring out which screw and bolt to remove next and disassemble your bed completely. Moreover, the maintenance is another matter and bed frames should be easy to maintain. There should be appropriate attention to its cleaning too.


There are a number of different styles and designs available to you in the market. Each of them shows off a unique look and might be associated with a certain thing. Regardless of the fact, you should select the one that feels appealing to you. There are times when the mattress cover and your bedding will come on the side skirts but the bottom and top part is left there to be seen. So, choose accordingly.


Think of the size of memory foam mattress that you are going to have and then make the bed frame accordingly. If you like, you can first select the bed frame and then order the mattress. However, make sure that the bed frame for memory foam mattress is big enough to hold it and the mattress does not comes out from the sides. There are instances when people find out that the mattress is a little too big or small. In any case, it will make you feel uneven and odd while sitting on the bed and may hinder the best level of comfort that you can experience with memory foam mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you need a special bed frame for memory foam mattress?

Yes. a bed frame is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a bedroom. A memory foam mattress needs to be well supported from below to transfer the support to the sleeper. This means you need to find the best bed frame for a memory foam mattress, which may not always be the same as your current bed frame.

What foundation is needed for memory foam mattress?

Your memory foam mattress must need a solid base Adding a platform or foundation under your mattress will help keep your mattress clean and give you a bit of storage space depending on the foundation type. There are 3 types of foundations: • Box Spring Alternative Foundations • Steel Grid Platform Foundations • Adjustable Foundations

What is the best bed frame for a memory foam mattress?

List of top 5 Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress: • Ecos Living 14 Inch High Rustic Solid Wood Platform Bed. • Mainstay Half-Fold Metal Box Spring. • Simple Houseware 14-Inch Full Size Mattress Foundation. • Classic Brands 8 Inch Instant Foundation. • Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation.

How do you make a memory foam bed frame?

Well, normally you do not use a bed frame when you have a headboard and footboard, you use rails. These are simple steps to build a memory foam mattress bed frame and foundation: • Step 1 - Get your wood • Step 2 - Create the frame • Step 3 - Add the slats • Step 4 - Add the legs

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