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Scientists and doctors place great emphasis on the importance of a good night’s sleep since it has a lot of health and memory benefits. Your good night’s sleep depends on a few factors, one of which is the kind of mattress you sleep on. There is no specific manual to determine which kind of mattress is best suited for you, however when you are going to buy one, it is imperative that you know the benefits associated with each type. Nonetheless, we shall be discussing the benefits associated with 4 most popular mattresses below.

Innerspring Mattress:

  1. Wide range: Unlike other mattresses, this one comes with many kinds of firmness ranging between deluxe-firm, super plush and so on for your specific body kind.
  1. Preserve less body heat: Since the human body is known to perspire at least a pint every night, the mattress tends to absorb it along with body heat. However, the innerspring mattress sustains very less body heat and is able to breathe since it can easily shift and move around during the night.
  1. Most common: This kind of mattress is globally used and recent advancements in it consist of a no-flip and less retention of body heat fabric. It is also lightweight and can be easily flipped or rotated for effective care and maintenance.
  1. Decent price: One of the major reasons that it is used widely is that it is available at a comparatively very low price and has the capacity to last around 5 to 10 years or even more if taken care of properly.
  1. Softer feel: The innersprings consist of hundreds of coils topped with fabric which provide a comfortable feel.

Memory foam

  1. Body shape: The memory foam easily takes on the shape of the user thus exhibiting a motionless feel holding in the sleeper protectively.
  1. Absorbs movement: If you are a light sleeper then this mattress is best suited for you since it effectively isolates motion between companions.
  1. Hygienic: Invented by NASA, this mattress is dust and bacteria resistant thus inhibiting the formation of dust mites and allergens.
  1. Durable: With a 20 year warranty by most manufacturers, this mattress is widely considered to be hard wearing.
  1. Softer surface: The synthetic foam relieves pain and pressure off joints thus allowing you to sleep peacefully.

Latex Foam

  1. Dust resistant: This kind of mattress has proven to be the healthiest among all since it has a natural resistance to bacteria, allergens, moulds and dust mites.
  1. Durable: Unlike other mattresses, the Latex foam is long lasting and functions without making any noise or forming lumps.
  1. Springer feel: This feature helps support your back and relieves pain along with letting you move easily on your mattress which makes it breathable by not storing in any perspiration.
  1. Eco-friendly: Since it is made from natural latex, it does not consist of any harmful chemicals thus making it a green product which seems to attract many buyers.

Air Mattress

  1. Adjustable settings: Here, you have the option of adjusting your mattress’s firmness according to your liking with a remote control. This relieves pain and stress easily from the body as you lie down
  1. Independent chambered sides: Most manufacturers allow users to adjust the firmness settings independently for each side so that you and your partner may sleep at ease.
  1. Replaceable parts: Unlike other mattresses where you have to replace the whole unit; with the air mattress you have the option of replacing individual parts of your mattress to add to its longevity.

In almost every aspect of our lives technology has taken precedence nowadays. However, the kind of mattress that you choose for yourself can never be based on its specifications or pros and cons since every mattress is manufactured differently thus only with experience and a keen eye you will actually be able to buy a worthy mattress fit for your body. I hope this article has helped you gain some great insight into the kind of mattress that could be a great option for your bedding requirements.

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