Benington Memory Foam Mattress

What we have here is a 3 layered 13in thick mattress. It’s a combination between memory foam and latex mattress and overall it looks pretty good. What you get is 6in thick memory foam base layer. The layer consists of 3 pieces as the center piece is of higher density and more supportive than the other two. On top of the base is 3in thick latex layer and on top of it is the top layer of 4in thick memory foam.

Again you’ll have to separately request the density of the memory foam layers, but they seem pretty good to me (I haven’t heard any complains about the complete mattress). Besides the thickness of every layer also sound very nice. It’s a very comfortable mattress in my opinion and if you can afford it you should absolutely consider getting it. Here’s the information about it:

Mattress only; Foundation must be selected from Accessories. The Bennington mattress is a Viscoelastic foam mattress that contours and responds to each person‘s individual body profile and body temperature. The temperature sensitive/slow recovery support system relieves body pressure, resulting in a better night‘s sleep. 4″ of slow response memory foam on top of a 9″ foam base with lumbar support will provide years of comfort. The plush anti-microbial velour cover is completely removable and washable, allowing for the best hypo-allergenic system on the market today.

  • SPECS:
  • Plush velour stretch cover; soft anti-microbial velour is extremely comfortable as well as durable
  • Staypure™ removable washable cover and borders completely zip off for machine washing or dry cleaning
  • Ultra Suede Panels are tailored to feel as plush as they look
  • Solid Viscoelastic memory foam 4″ comfort layer molds to your body shape and weight for increased circulation and support
  • 3″ of high density hypo-allergenic engineered latex conforms to the contours of your body, providing years of consistent comfort and support
  • Patented 3-piece variable response foam; 6″ unique hypo-allergenic foam base is more supportive in the center third and adjusts to your individual supports needs
  • Foundation is not included

The only downside I see is that you‘re limited with the sizes. You get t chose form only Queen, King and Cal King. The price is a bit steep and probably won’t suit many of you, but again for those who can afford it, seriously think about getting it. The Queen mattress costs $1298.00 (shipping included), the King and Cal King go for $1548.00 (again shipping is included). Overall this is a good deal. The mattress is comfortable and durable and I think you’re gonna like it.

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