Bodipedic E200 Visco Elastic Memory Foam King Mattress

This one looks a lot like the previous mattress reviewed – 2 layers of total 8in thick mattress – 3in thick top layer and 5in thick base layer. And again just like with the previous one reviewed the density of the memory foam of any of the layers is not provided. And if in the previous review we assumed it was a high density, this time we’ll do the opposite. Before buying memory foam mattress it’s good to request the density of the memory foam as it is probably the most important thing you should know.

The density of the memory foam shows not only the firmness of the mattress, but also it’s durability. The higher the density the more durable the mattress is. For both cases (this one and the previous mattress reviewed) I suggest you require the density from the manufacturer (or the web site that sells the product) and if they refuse to give you that information, just don’t get the product. What people say about this particular mattress is that it gets shaggy very fast (after only a month).

This only indicates lower density memory foam (poor quality memory foam). Another thing people don’t like about it is that it gathers heat. This is true for almost every memory foam mattress out there except for those with improved air circulation (usually pricier), so if you think the heat will be a problem for you, you better look for vented memory foam mattress. Here are the specifications for this one:

Revel in the customized comfort and softness of the E200 mattress. It is constructed with 3in of visco-elastic memory foam that contours to every part of your body, cradling and supporting you for a sound sleep. From Bodipedic

  • Includes mattress and removable cover
  • For use with traditional box-springs, platforms or floor
  • King sized at 76”W x 80”L x 8”H
  • Cover: top/sides 39% polyamide/34% cotton/27% polyester: bottom 41% glass fiber/34.5% cotton/24.5% monacrylic.
  • Cover: machine wash, tumble dry or dry clean
  • Mattress: inner cover 70% rayon/30% polyester; fill 100% polyurethane foam
  • Mattress: spot clean, air dry
  • 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in Canada/USA

You can get this mattress in only King size for only $567. Usually this would be a great bargain, but this time the quality of the product makes me put it in the “not worthy” chart. I do that mainly because of the shagging problem people complain about. Once the thing gets shaggy, it gets uncomfortable and eventually useless. And there’s no point in getting a mattress that’s gonna last you for max 2 months. Still, I suggest you request the density of the memory foam first and then decide whether this is a good mattress or not.

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