Caffeine and Sleep and Nice Comfy Memory Foam Mattress

Caffeine sleep, do they mix? We all know that it’s not a good idea to drink coffee before you want to go to sleep. Even with the comfort of a our memory foam mattress you will find it hard to sleep. So just what is the problem?

History of caffeine

During the Stone Age early man found that chewing the leaves, bark or seeds of certain plants helped fight fatigue.

It is said that tea as we know it was discovered in 3000BC when a Chinese Emperor found some leaves that had accidentally fallen into boiling water. The drink smelled and tasted good and had a restorative effect.

Coffee on the other and can be traced back to Ethiopia where the plant originates. Again its origins are surrounded by myth. According to one account a goat herder noticed his goats became excited and restless after chewing at the cherries of the coffee plant. He tried the same cherries and too felt the effects. Both drinks have an extremely rich history.

So what’s the problem with caffeine?

When used correctly and in moderation caffeine is quite harmless. It has even been linked to increased concentration, increased metabolic rate and weight loss. But people often use caffeine as a substitute for a good night’s sleep with university students being perhaps the most famous example. The problem is that caffeine does not eliminate the need for sleep; caffeine temporarily reduces the feeling of tiredness. And as the old saying goes, what goes up must come down. The effects of caffeine can last up to 4 hours so drinking coffee just before bed is not a good idea.

Is it just coffee that I need to watch?

No. Black tea contains caffeine to lesser degree than coffee. Herbal teas, green teas and chamomile tea are all good caffeine free substitutes. But the real problem is with the new breed of designer soft drinks, some of which contain huge amounts of caffeine. The problem with these drinks is their popularity with children. Children perhaps more than anyone need to get good quality sleep and some schools have indicated that these drinks seem to be having an effect on pupil’s concentration levels.

So just be aware of the amount of caffeine you are taking in as the day goes on. If you have kids try and discourage them from drinking energy drinks especially later in the day. If you continue having trouble sleeping you might want to think about investing in one of our memory foam products. We don’t promise miracles, just a good night’s sleep on a really comfy mattress.

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