Can You Use a Regular Mattress on a Bunk Bed

Can You Use a Regular Mattress on a Bunk Bed this is the question lots of people ask. Bunk beds are perfect choices for young children sharing a bedroom with tight space restraints or in college dorms room. Bunks beds come in some sizes and combinations that make them a versatile choice for men and women seeking to save space. In most situations, bunk beds use twin- or full-size mattresses.

Bunk Bed Sizes

Bunk beds are sold in two sizes, twin and full size. A twin-size bed measures 39 inches wide and 75 inches extended, though a full-size bed will be the very same length but 54 inches wide. The bunk beds is usually manufactured in various combinations that consist of a pair with full-size beds, a pair with twin-size beds or perhaps a mixture of a twin on top and also a full size below.


The bunk bed mattress will be the very same sort applied on a normal bed frame and foundation. The distinction among a bunk bed and normal mattress frame may be the foundation. On a regular mattress you could use a box spring as a assistance foundation or slats. On a bunk bed, you may use slats or a bunk board, that is a flat piece of wood beneath the mattress. A box spring isn’t designed to be utilized on a bunk bed.


Bunk beds are manufactured in two main varieties of frames, metal or wood. Most low-end and affordable bunk bed frames are produced of metal and include built-in slats along with a foundation. The slats on metal bunk beds are welded into the frame to supply assistance. These will function fine for any type of mattress. Far better top quality bunk bed frames are constructed of hardwoods including oak and maple, which are more resistant to everyday wear and tear. These frames can be made use of with bunk boards or slats.

Mattress Varieties

Any mattress can be employed on a bunk board. Producers sell mattresses and memory foam mattress toppers in 3 types–spring, foam and latex. Spring mattresses function ideal with box springs, but slat and bunk board bases are also appropriate. Latex and foam mattresses much better conform towards the slats to provide a higher sense of support and are less prone to shifting. So yes you’ll be able to use a Regular Mattress on a Bunk Bed without having lots of problems.

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