Choosing Masculine Bathroom Window Curtains

A common complaint is that there are not enough bathroom window curtain options for men. The truth is that if you were to spend time shopping for new curtains, the majority of choices would be geared more toward women than men. Even curtains in colors men would like often have too many frills to be considered masculine. Obviously, trying to remodel or redecorate a bathroom that looks masculine and having a problem finding the right curtains can be extremely frustrating but as you will see, it is not impossible to accomplish.

For one thing, men need to understand that curtains with subtle splashes of softer color are no necessarily feminine.  Unfortunately, that is simply a stigma that needs to be dismissed. As long as the primary color is masculine then you could get by with having a little color. The key to making curtains masculine is to avoid those with embellishments, trim, lace, and other enhancements that create a more girly look. Therefore, start by determining the style and color scheme of the bathroom so you can begin looking for the perfect pair of curtains.

Again, choose a primary color, preferably something rich and deep.  For instance, bathroom window curtains that have a main color such as red, black, navy blue, dark green, brown, and even rust would be considered ideal.  However, lighter hues of those same colors would also suffice. For instance, curtains made of gray, medium blue, sage green, tan, and so on would work perfectly fine.

Curtains could also have some type of geometric design, preferably something abstract. The sharpness of the designs is what leads away from a feminine look to one that is more masculine. However, the goal is to choose coordinating colors that are considered “manly”. A perfect example would be choosing dark gray bathroom curtains that have abstract designs overlapping with red, white, and black. Not only is this combination masculine but extremely sophisticated.

The hardware chosen would also play an important role in achieving a masculine look. For instance, using the same example above with the gray bathroom curtains, the best solution would be to use a heavy and simple design rod made from hand-forced wrought iron. Now, another possibility would be brown bathroom curtains that have blocks of green and tan.  Again, this would be stunning but masculine. For the hardware, a deep bamboo, also in a simple design would work perfect.

There are so many incredible ideas but of course, you would need to choose something that appeals to you. One thing to remember is that no matter the color or color combination you choose or the hardware you buy, make sure you choose easy-to-care-for curtains and always take your time to hang them correctly. The result would be an amazing window and overall bathroom of which to be proud. If you need ideas, the internet provides a wealth of information although home decorating books found at the library or bookstores would also open your mind to possibilities for masculine bathroom curtains.

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