Comfort and Support on your Memory Foam Mattress

Bed supplier offering memory foam mattresses, toppers, pillows and beds across. Considering that we spend around a third of your life in bed it’s surprising that the public don’t have more information or research on the subject. There has been lots of publicity about ergonomic chairs, the right kind of shoe to wear and how to pick up a heavy box but little on what kind of bed we should be sleeping in. This isn’t the fault of the mattress industry. We spend lots on bed development with the most recent being the development of the memory foam mattress. But this information just doesn’t seem to filter down to the public.

All products need improvements in their design and construction and mattresses are no different. Research teams look at what’s currently on the market focusing on the good and bad features of the mattress. They then see how they can eliminate the bad elements and refine the good points. The aim is to provide the consumer with a good night’s sleep and it does this in four ways.

Support – different materials and construction methods can affect the level of support you get from your mattress. A memory foam mattress offers good support in areas where you need it.

Comfort – as well as supporting you a memory foam mattress offers comfort for your pressure points.

Lifespan – as long as you treat it well you memory foam mattress will last you over 10 years. We also offer a full money back guarantee.

Operation – one of the most important elements of a double mattress is the ability to support two people individually in the best way possible. A memory foam mattress supports both people individually and because it isn’t spring based one moving partner will not disturb the other.

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