Comfort Memory Foam for a Great Night Sleep

Comfort memory foam specialists!  You should see your bed as being primarily for sleeping and you should make it as comfortable as possible for sleeping in by investing in a high quality memory foam mattress from amazon. But if you have children, bedtime is also an ideal time to help develop their love for reading and strengthen your relationship by reading with them.

Reading should be fun!

Reading to your children at bedtime should be fun. Literacy expert Jeanne Langille believes that reading should benefit both the child and the parent.

She states “who wouldn’t enjoy the undivided attention of a toddler, waiting anxiously to hear what you say next and the sheer joy of giggling to words that make no sense to her at all?” before adding that even if a child doesn’t understand every word they still benefit for hearing a trusted voice reading a loved story.

There is also strong evidence to suggest that reading to your child for 10 – 15 minutes before they sleep helps them develop a life long love of books and improves their performance at school.

Boys and books

Teachers report that they have particular trouble getting boys to read and to enjoy books. When taken to the library boys tend to only read books of facts such as the Guiness Book of World Records.

As a result fathers are being urged to spend more time reading with their sons with the scheme ‘Boys into Books’. Under the scheme fathers are encouraged to read with their sons before they go to sleep.

It has been found that a large proportion of boys between the ages of 11-14 play videogames before bed something which is thought to damage children’s ability to imagine as they read. Schools have taken on boys complaints that they think books are boring and have gone to great lengths to ensure that they stock titles that cater to their tastes and the government scheme has sent a wide range of boy oriented titles to schools. These include books by authors such as Anthony Horowitz, author of the successful Alex Rider series, and centre on action and adventure.

Recent research has found that less than half of parents read to their children before bed. So give your child the best head start in their education. Read them their favourite story before bed and invest in a memory foam mattress to ensure that they are rested both physically and mentally and ready for school the next day.

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