Considering using a Family Bed Make Sure you Weigh up

Family beds is something we don’t really see much in this part of the world. But what is it? Here at amazon we have been in the business of sleep for years. We find science of beds and mattresses fascinating. That’s why we stock state of the art memory foam mattresses and offer them to you at factory direct prices. We also love the cultural significance of sleep. That’s why we read everything we can which relates to sleep and pass the information onto you, our customers.

family bed, a bed in which both parents and children sleep, have long been used in many cultures around the world and used to be popular in Western society. Family beds have seen something of a renaissance in America in recent years. But is this a good thing?

American reporter Doreen Nagle has investigated the use of family beds in America and has weighed up the pros and cons of sleeping in such a way. The good thing about sleeping with you family is that it can help strengthen the bonds between family members.

There are however some serious drawbacks. Sleeping in a family bed might damage the relationship between the parents as they wouldn’t be able to express their love physically. On top of that the child might not develop the skills of independent living which they will need later in life. Finally there is the fear that one of the parents might roll on top of the child in the night.

So if you are considering using a family bed make sure you weigh up the pros and cons before you decide. If you want to reduce the risk of rolling onto your child in the night you could invest in a larger bed. Amazon offer their memory foam mattresses in custom sizes so no matter what the size of your bed we have a solution for you. View our range here or contact us directly.

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