Contour Pillows Buying Guide

Contour pillows have gradually become the pillows of choice in the modern day, leapfrogging over the conventional flat ones. These pillows have contours built onto them that try to better mold to the physical curves of the human body using them. The result is a better support of the head and the neck, and thus a healthier skeletal system overall.

Why contour pillows?

There are a number of good reasons that make the contour pillows items of choice over their more conventional counterparts. Some of the primary reasons are listed below.

  • Support of head/neck: Modern contour pillows are far better off at supporting your head and neck compared to the conventional flat ones. These pillows have the contours that would more easily take the shape of your head, neck and the overall delicate neck joint so that your efforts to force-fit the body to obtain support is eliminated.
  • Cervical spine health: The human body is not designed to carry heavy weights. Your cervical spine area is delicate. It is what connects your head and brain to the rest of the body through the neck. The good health of cervical area is critical for the health of a human being to a point where it cannot be over-emphasized. You would want to unconditionally take the best possible care of your cervical spine area with the highest possible priority. By extending support to the cervical area and thus minimizing the weight it would need to bear otherwise, the cervical curvature is now better maintained. The support provided by the contour pillows during your sleep automates a part of it because of the great cervical support it provides.
  • Air circulation management: These pillows are made such that the contours attempt to improve the air circulation near you while you sleep peacefully. Hence you get more oxygen and eliminate the surrounding moisture.
  • Comfort: Comfort-wise these pillows are good. Comfort is a subjective factor and one may initially feel different with a contour pillow, but in the longer run more people tend to report a preference of contour pillows over regular ones.

How to select contour pillows?

There are a number of contour pillows available today. You would need to understand your requirements so that you can select the right one. You may want to go for the pillows that provide multiple positions to accommodate people with short necks and people with long ones, since that practically ensures that you get the neck-support that you would look for in a contour pillow.

The other point that would be worth your comfort would be the foam that the pillow is made with. Latex and memory foams are the best ones to go for. These foams are pressure and heat sensitive and would maximize your sleeping comfort. They would also help the contour pillows better mold onto your skeletal shape and thus let you have the best of physical support. The good foam contour pillows would be resistant to microbes, bacteria and mites.

In summary, if you care about your spinal health and sleeping comfort in the long run then contour pillows are one of the best possible options that you can select right today.

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