Coolmax Mattress with a Latex Layer

Coolmax mattress offer a great night’s sleep for people who get hot at night. If you regularly get warm during the night then you need a mattress with a latex layer. Our Supreme mattress combines latex foam and memory foam to offer comfort while keeping ou cool. The ultimate combination.

But some people don’t get too hot at night; they get too cold.

Sleep go hand in hand and with our memory foam mattresses we have helped thousands of people get a better night sleep. The key to a good night’s sleep is your mattress. When buying your bed start with your mattress and work outwards. But you might find it difficult to sleep if you too cold. So how have people been warming their beds over recent years?

Hot Water bottles

Hot water bottles are the earliest form of bed heating and evolved from a tin of hot ashes that were placed under the bed in the middle ages. During the Victorian period they became large metal cans which were filled with hot water and covered by cloth. Modern hot water bottles are made with vulcanized rubber and are usually come with novelty covers These days the popularity of hot water bottles has given way to newer technologies. They still however have a place in people heating their beds.

Heated under blankets

Heated under blankets have been around for a number of years but these days the choice is extremely varied in style and price. A heated under blanket sits between your mattress and your sheet and it covers your mattress completely. They are made from a variety of fibres that promote warmth such as fleece and cotton. They have controllable heating elements built into them which are sophisticated enough so to allow timer control and can be removed altogether so that the blanket can be machine washed.

Heated over blankets

Heated over blankets are a reletivley new addition to the market. They can be used inside your duvet cover or over your top sheet and provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort. They have a number of improved safety benefits over previous heated blankets and can even adjust their temperature to room or body temperature.

Heated duvets

Heated duvets are particularly useful for those who really feel the cold or are ill and need a warm environment. Like under blankets and over blankets, these duvets have controls that can be removed for easy and safe washing and can be left on safely all night.

We don’t recommend that you use the above products with a memory foam mattress. Extended exposure to direct heat can degrade the memory foam and shorten the lifespan of your mattress. There is a good side to this however. Memory foam holds your body heat and keeps you warm through the night and with today’s energy prices we could all do with cutting back on the energy that the above products eat up.

A memory foam mattress can offer you a great night’s sleep. If you get too cold at night then try some of the tips above to keep yourself warm. If you get too warm at night then why not try a Coolmax mattress and to keep you comfortable all night long. View our range of memory foam products or contact us directly.

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