Discount Memory Foam Mattress Direct from the Factory

Discount memory foam mattress direct from the factory. We know that our memory foam mattresses offer an excellent night’s sleep at an excellent price. We only stock visco elastic products because they mold to the shape of your body and support you in all the right places and it offers this comfort at such a reasonable price. This is because the manufacturing process is so much different to standard mattresses. Yes the visco elastic material is more expensive but there is no need to construct the fiddly bits you get with a spring mattress.

Ever since memory foam mattresses became available to the mass market in the 1990s it has slowly built up a reputation as offering an excellent night’s sleep. During the early stages of the technologyvisco elastic mattresses were expensive and some has very short life spans but as the technology has been refined these issues have been resolved. These days you can buy a memory foam mattress for a similar price if not less than a spring based mattress.

If you are on a tighter budget but still want the benefits of a memory foam mattress then you could investigate purchasing a memory foam topper which fits over your existing mattress. These are cheaper than a full memory foam mattress but you still get a level of comfort that approaches a full mattress and all the hypo-allergenic benefits of a memory foam product.

You need to ensure that your current mattress isn’t too old and is structurally sound in order to get the full benefits offered by a memory foam topper. If your mattress is worse for wear you should think about investing in a memory foam mattress. This is the more expensive option but if you look at the range we offer you will be surprised by how they compare to showroom prices.

People say that when you are shopping for a mattress you should look at the price and go for an expensive one. They say that cheap visco elastic mattresses are poor quality and uncomfortable. They are right to an extent. You can buy very cheap memory foam mattresses made in Asia and these can be poor quality.

But we don’t offer cheap visco elastic mattresses. We make quality memory foam mattresses and offer them to you at factory direct prices. No middle man, no show room, no commission. That’s where we save money and that is how we pass the savings onto you. We do not cut corners with our visco elastic products. So do beware of visco elastic mattresses with prices that seem too good to be true. They probably are.

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