Doctors Recommend Elderly People to Get a Stiff Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep help elderly with a memory foam mattress. We know the importance of quality sleep to everyone. Children and teens need sleep so that they can grow and they can assimilate what they have learned at school. Adults need sleep to recharge so they can perform well at work the next day. A memory foam mattress can these people get a good night’s sleep. But we often forget that older people also need a good night’s sleep.

A recent report has found that people over 80 often have poor quality sleep but they’re less likely to complain the next day. The American Geriatrics Society found that many elderly people saw their sleep problems as an inevitable consequence of old age and do little to try and remedy the problem. The study revealed that over 80s sleep a good 45 minutes less than those in their forties but they were less likely to complain about their lack of sleep than their younger counterparts.

If you are elderly and having problems sleeping you do not have to put up with this! Memory foam mattresses are ideal for people who are having trouble sleeping, especially the elderly. Memory foam works by softening around the areas where your body is applying the greatest pressure. This eases the pain you might feel in the areas. At the same time it remains firm in areas of less pressure and so supports you all over. You will wake up with less stiffness and aches.

Many doctors recommend elderly people to get a stiff mattress. If this is the case see what a double memory foam mattress can do for you. It combines the benefits of a firm mattress with the comfort of a softer mattress. If you want a second opinion ask your doctor. Across the word doctors have recommended memory foam products to people suffering from aches and pains in bed. And we offer these benefits at factory direct prices. View our full range here or contact us directly.

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