Dream Collection 10-Inch Mattress King Size Review

As with other memory foam mattresses of a similar quality, the Dream Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size is manufactured from open-cell technology that enables the foam to depress in accordance to the contours and curves of your body yet remains at a cool surface temperature which cheaper memory foam mattresses are unable to do. It is marketed in the USA by the company known as International Dream Collection, Inc. The memory foam mattress itself – the actual product – is manufactured in China.

Although usually available for sale on the Amazon website, the Dream Collection 10 inch is such a popular item that there is currently only one left in stock and this one is being sold by Amazon on behalf of Mattress Insider. This memory foam mattress costs $753.00 plus shipping costs of $14.49. The it is vacuum packed to make it more manageable during transportation. Perhaps the mattress will once again be carried as stock by Amazon but, at this current time, you will have to try to source this product elsewhere if you want to buy it online.

The mattress consists of two layers of memory foam plus a base layer consisting of high density polypropylene to ensure an appropriate support to the comfort layers it is intended to support. The layer of memory foam that you will be lying on directly below your body consists of visco-elastic open-cell foam that consists of a density of 3lbs per cubic meter. This layer is 2 inches in depth. The layer of memory foam below that, immediately supported by the high density base layer, consists of a convoluted visco-elastic foam, this layer being 1inch deep. The density of the foam in this layer consists of 3lbs per cubic meter.

Put into layman’s terms, this means that the surface of the memory foam remains cool despite the temperature of your body but this in no way detracts from the visco-elasticity conforming to the shape of your body while you are lying on this mattress. In fact, this mattress conforms to comfort yet cool! The layers are encased in a fully washable cover, easily removable for laundering with a good length of zipper to make the interior layers easy to remove.

Furthermore, although the size of the mattress might make it rather unwieldy, with overall dimensions of 79 x76 x 10 inches, the weight of this mattress is only 20lbs so it might be possible to remove the mattress cover without additional help. Personally, however, if help is available, I would certainly not turn the offer down! For comfort, at a dream price, the Dream Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size is certainly a good quality and well-made visco-elastic mattress that is selling well to the mid-range market and, for the price being asked, this particular product matches up well to other memory foam mattresses within a similar price bracket.

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