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With the craze of taking an everyday activity and making it ‘extreme’ becoming ever popular, the world has seen the likes of ‘extreme ironing’ and even ‘extreme knitting’ become popular. It seems that there are really no limits to what can can be done these days, and we have found what seems to be our personal favourite new extreme activity – extreme sleep!

Here are a few of our favourite examples of this new craze, and it seems that you need a good head for heights to get involved!

Ultimate thrill-seekers’ camping: Suspended 500ft above the ground on a canvass and aluminium ledge, thsi new experience in Germany is only for the fearless

Proffesional – 500ft high

Thrill-seeking campers with a head for heights can now pitch their tents at the world’s most extreme ‘campsite’ – 500ft up a sheer mountain face.

Daredevils pay an eye-watering £750 – the same price as a suite at The Ritz – to spend the night suspended in the air on a small platform halfway up a mountain.

The accommodation comes in the form of a ‘portaledge’ – an incredibly strong yet lightweight reinforced aluminum frame covered in canvas.

Effort: Campers have to scale the mountain to get to their bed for the night – and can only bring with them the bare essentials of a sleeping bag, a rope and a basic dinner

The two-man platforms are hauled up the cliff face in the German Alps and secured to the rock using high strength climbing ropes and shackles.

Campers have to scale the mountain to get to their bed for the night – and can only bring with them the bare essentials of a sleeping bag, a rope and a basic dinner.

Fearless adventurers sleep alongside an instructor, who takes up the outside position just inches from the 500ft sheer drop.

The two campers wear a safety harness to stop them falling should they roll off the portaledge in their sleep.

Intermediate – 20ft high

For the intermediate extreme sleeper there’s the ‘exposed’ tree-top camping, where guests can sleep on a portaledge dangling 20ft above the ground from the branch of a big beech tree in a forest overlooking mountains.

You can only get to the portaledge by climbing up a rope that hangs down from underneath it – so getting into bed is part of the challenge.

The sleeping platform is pretty exposed – if it’s windy, it will sway in the breeze,’ warned Mr Currie – a climbing expert and guide at Waldseilgarten in Germany.

Amateur – 15ft high (enclosed)

For the beginner extreme sleepers out there – a Canadian man has built the world’s first spherical treehouse hotel, suspending his guests 15ft in the air.

Guests at Free Spirit Spheres sleep hanging in the treetops in the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, rocked to sleep by the wind.

Inventor Tom Chudleigh has devoted his life to handcrafting the spheres from wood and fibreglass, which each cost more than £100,000 to make.

Tom, 61, has built three sphere rooms, named Eve, Eryn and Melody, which are suspended between 10-15ft in the air.

One night in Eve costs $145 Canadian dollars (£90) and Tom provides guests with towels, bedding, hot showers and even access to a sauna, promising that even though they sleep outdoors, they are not ‘roughing it’.

‘We decided to run a hotel after there were so many people that wanted to stay in Eve.’

The spheres are tethered vertically and actually sway gently in the breeze or when someone changes position inside.

The alternative (ground level)

If, like most of us, you think that the idea of sleeping 500ft above a German valley floor, or suspended 20ft above the floor from a tree is not for you – don’t worry.

We offer a wide range of high quality memory foam mattresses that are as far from an adventure sport as possible. We offer our customers a sleep sanctuary where you can safely rest your head each night! Memory foam cradles your body and works with your body temperature to gently mould to the curvature of your neck, spine and lower body.

The closest our mattresses come to being extreme is being extremely comfortable! Take a look at our full range today, and find your perfect sleep sanctuary.

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