Health Mattress made From Memory foam Improves Health

Health mattress made from memory foam can actually improve your health! Here at we have long understood the importance of a good night’s sleep aided by the use of one of our memory foam mattresses. But from time to time we come across scientific studies which support what we already know and support the idea that sleep is great for your health!

Scientists at Stanford University in California have come to the conclusion that a good night’s sleep is a “significant factor” in improving and maintaining sporting performance.

The study focused on a group of swimmers, first timing their swims on between 5 to 7 hours of sleep and then later on 10 hours sleep per night. The results of the study showed that on average a swimmer was able to shave half a second off a 15 metre sprint.

We can see from these results the importance of getting enough sleep. Dr Cheri Mah of the study states “”Our results show what a significant factor sleep is in enhancing athletic performance. Many athletes accumulate a large sleep debt which can have detrimental effects on cognitive function, mood and reactions.”

So sleep is important for athletes. You might think that athletes need more sleep because they expend more energy but similar studies have shown the importance of sleep for everyone, young and old. So do your mind and body a favour and invest in a good night’s sleep. View our range of memory foam mattresses and pillows here or contact us directly.

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