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Mattress advice for those choosing how they are going to get to sleep. Seeing as we spend such a large portion of our time sleeping it makes sense that we invest in high quality bedding like a memory foam mattress. You don’t need a car, a boat or a plane to get to the land of nod, but you need to have a high quality mattress. A memory foam mattress is the Ferrari of the mattress world. It really is that good! And more than a flash car, a memory foam mattress will have a huge impact on your quality of life.

So why do we sleep?

Scientists have been studying sleep for years and it still remains a mysterious area. Why do we sleep? Well some believe to allow the body to recuperate and refresh. Sleep maintains our cognitive abilities such as being able to function in term of speech, memory and other cognitive behaviours. Sleep has also been found to help the brain develop.

How can a memory foam mattress help?

All of the above indicate why it is so important to invest in a good memory foam mattress and comfortable pillows. We spend a lot of money on things that help the quality of our waking hours such as television, stereos and computers. But spending money on good quality memory foam mattresses and other products that aid sleep sometimes isn’t a priority. And it should be.

Why do we need sleep?

Without good quality sleep the brain’s ability to function effectively is diminished. Grogginess and irritability as well as poor memory function can all be massively increased just by losing one night’s sleep.

Without good quality sleep concentration and attention span is decreased. This is not good if lives depend on you if you are a doctor or a lorry driver.
17 hours of wakefulness is the equivalent of performing with two glasses of wine in your blood stream. Don’t drive while tired.

Tiredness has been blamed for:

  • Chernobyl
  • Three Mile Island
  • Exxon Valdez
  • The Challenger shuttle explosion

If you hold a position of responsibility then you need sleep more than most. But we can all benefit from a good night’ sleep that comes with a our memory foam mattress.

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