How can Smell affect your Sleep?

Mattress smell and how it can affect your sleep. A comfy mattress can complete the bed of your dreams and we have recently discovered that while a comfy memory foam mattress can affect how you sleep, what you smell during sleep can affect your dreams!

A study undertaken by German scientists aimed to find out how aromas during sleep can influence dreams. They concentrated on good aromas (roses), bad aromas (rotten eggs) and neutral aromas.They used 15 healthy young women and allowed them to sleep. As they slept the researchers introduced the smells to the sleeping area. As they entered the dream part of sleep they were woken up and asked what they were dreaming about. The women described the dreams and rated them on a scale of positivity or negativity.

It was found that those who had experienced the bad aromas were more likely to report negative dreams while those who experienced good aromas were more likely to report positive dreams. The scientists from the Central Institute of Mental Health in Germany now want to see how good aromas affect nightmares.

So for the perfect night’s sleep fit your bed with a amazon memory foam mattress or topper, a memory foam pillow and you favourite crisp sheets. Ensure your room is clean and try introducing your favourite aromas into the room before you sleep. Lavender oil is renowned for aiding good sleep. If you are burning candles or incense ensure it is completely extinguished before you go to bed!

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