Key Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress

Sleeping poorly night after night is a big problem for many people, and there are many physical and mental ailments that may manifest as a result of not sleeping well.  Headaches, backaches, anxiety, and mental fatigue are just a few of the challenges that you may face if you have trouble sleeping.

Things such as eating too close to bedtime, drinking caffeinated beverages, or poor room conditions may interfere with your ability to rest, but the reason for your repeated sleeping difficulty may be closer than you think. Your mattress may be at the root of your sleeping problems, and adding a memory foam mattress topper may be the ideal solution.

Memory Foam Consumer Reports

Many consumers report that sleeping on memory foam has relieved symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, joint and muscle tension, lower back discomfort, and nighttime perspiring. This may be due to a number of unique features found in memory foam products.

Key Benefits of Memory Foam:

  • Memory foam is soft and absorbent, and it responds to body heat and pressure by evenly distributing your body weight.
  • Memory foam allows for better air circulation, and this is why sleeping on a memory foam mattress topper will keep you cooler and less likely to perspire during sleep.
  • Many allergy sufferers speak highly of sleeping on memory foam, and this may be due to the anti-microbial properties that protect against dust mites, fungus, mold, and mildew exposure.

Does Science Backup and Support The Benefits Of Memory Foam?

While there is little scientific evidence to support the benefits of sleeping on memory foam, this may be due to the subjective nature of studying sleep quality in the first place. Sleep studies are often lengthy, tedious and expensive, but the environmentally friendly and natural composition of memory foam has been linked with reducing restlessness, increasing comfort, and improving overall sleep quality.

You may sleep better on memory foam if you routinely suffer from cold or sinus symptoms related to airborne pollutants, since the foam material supports ventilation and resists buildup of pollutants. For anyone with unspecified sleeping difficulty, investing in a memory foam mattress topper may be an affordable and available solution to getting proper rest each night.

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