Large Mattress can Make You Sleep Special

Large mattress or huge bed. The choice is yours.  Here we understand that when it comes to beds big means better. When your are choosing a bed and memory foam mattress you need to ensure that you get the largest one you can. There will be 2 factors you need to take into account; the size of your bedroom and how much you can afford. Your bed should be the most prominent piece of furniture in your bedroom and as such it should be as large as possible without it getting in the way. But larger beds and mattresses cost more to construct and so cost more to buy, so ensure you budget properly.

If you are a tall or large person then a king-size or super king bed might improve your sleep. These days’ double beds simply aren’t large enough for most couples. Our improved diet means that people are taller these days than even as recently as 60 years ago. A roomy bed offers more space to stretch out, more space to move, simply put more space to sleep.

In the world we have two kinds of king sized beds; king and super-king. The king measures in at 60 inches wide by 75 inches long, while a super-king 78 inches wide by 72 inches long. Something to remember is that these mattresses are known as Queen size and King size in most parts of the world, so be careful if you have a King sized base from America. You’d need a British super-king to fit it.

If you have a large bed or a small bed, a huge bed or a tiny bed, we can help you!

You can buy a memory foam mattresses in a variety of sizes. As well as all the standard sizes we also produce memory foam mattresses to fit caravans, and we sell memory foam to your custom measurements. Whatever your memory foam needs we have a solution for you at factory direct prices. View our range here or contact us directly.

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