Luxury Grand CAL Memory Foam KING 14 inch Mattress Review

The Luxury Grand CAL KING 14 inch Mattress is one of the best foam mattresses available in the market today. It can go head to head with all major and established branded foam mattresses, and still stand out due to its quality, comfort and performance. It is made of 6 inches – and four layers of memory foam of visco elastic material, with 5lbs density as top coat and 8 inches high base made of polyurethane to ensure maximum support for the body and extra comfort. It has seven layers of foam, hence is a perfect combination of comfort and quality, as well as durability.

Each one of the layers is specifically positioned to offer a plush surface to sleep, a total durable performance and comfortable sleep. Moreover, the cover of the mattress is satin like, with a gorgeous knit on its top, hugging the entire breadth of the mattress, providing an ideal aesthetic complement to the design. It is able to contour to the shape of the body of the user, responding to his body temperature as well. This allows the user to sleep comfortably, maintaining an aligned posture, taking pressure off the bones and giving a really beautiful sleep.

The mattress has a cover with a 4way zipper and is available in both King and Queen sizes to fit your room and meet your specific needs. It has a ten year warranty and 120 days home trial. Regardless of the type of mattress you are used to so far, you should be able to evaluate the mattress for its support, space, durability and comfort. This mattress is one of the best because it is able to address all these needs successfully. It is a quality mattress that is built to offer superior comfort and combines the luxurious cushioning materials with the elegant style and the plush feel of the soft surface.

The Luxury Grand CAL KING 14 inch Memory Foam Mattress stands out because it can support the body at all parts, keeping the spine at the same shape as you have when standing in perfect posture. It pays additional attention to all the parts of the body that could ache, such as hips, shoulders and lower back. These are the heaviest parts of our body and usually some points of pressure for most people.

The mattress is made of durable materials that are put together in a way that determines that the foundation will be durable and comfortable. Moreover, it allows the body to turn easily, facilitating the motion at night, and helping you relax while sleeping. It allows enough room for two people to sleep nicely and move around comfortably during the night, offering relief and ensuring a restful sleep.

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