Mattress Types including Memory Foam

Mattress types vary and different ones work better for some than others. We love sleep. We only stock high quality memory foam products and offer them to you at factory direct prices. And if your current mattress is keeping you awake at night and causing you aches and pains then it could be time for change. So what can our Sleeps offer you?


Memory foam is special material. It offers a very personal night’s sleep by molding the shape of your body. The mattress warms and softens where your body is applying most pressure. This offers extreme comfort in these areas. In areas of less pressure the mattress stays firm and supportive. Our memory foam mattresses offer the comfort of a soft mattress and the support of a firm mattress. And our memory foam products are made right here.


You might believe that memory foam mattresses are out of your budget. When memory foam first came to the mass market this was true. It was a new technology and was expensive. But since then costs have been cut as the production scale became larger and as manufacturers got used to working with the material the cost has tumbled. On top of this mattress offer our memory foam mattresses at factory direct prices. No middle man, no sales room no commission. This is where we make our savings and this is how we pass them onto you.


If you had a bad night’s sleep last night then you could be having a great night’s sleep tomorrow. Simply order your mattress before 3pm and take advantage of our next day delivery. You could be sleeping soundly from tomorrow!

So do your body, mind and souls a favour and take a look at our full range of memory foam mattresses.

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