Mattress World Wide Taking a look at global Sleep Patterns

Mattress world wide taking a look at global sleep patterns. At our sleep is our business. We know that everyone sleeps differently and so it came as no surprise to us when a recent study found that there are significant differences in way we sleep depending on which part of the world we’re from. Welcome to global sleep.

The International Sleep Study on Infants and Toddlers looked at the way children slept in 12 Asian countries and five western countries. The study found that western children were more likely to go to bed earlier, have a consistent bed time and get more sleep. Western children were also more likely to go an entire night sleeping on their own.

Jodi Mindell of the study stated that this study showed the vast differences between the cultures in relation to their children’s sleeping habits. But she stressed that this study raises more questions than it answers such as “Are these differences simply the result of differing cultural practices?” and “What is the impact, if any, of these vast differences?”

It is worth noting that the vast majority of the world does not sleep in the same way as we do in the western world. In much of the world entire families can share a large bed in one room. His was also practiced in Europe for much of our history but has since died out.

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