Memory Foam is Great for your Kids!

Childs mattress made from memory foam to ensure that your child gets the sleep they need to do well in school.  Here at we know that we all need enough sleep. But this is especially important for growing children and young adult’s, which is an important time in their lives. They are developing physically and mentally. So sleep should be a top priority when your child is in school.

A study undertaken in Qatar has highlighted the problems that can occur when your child returns to school after a break.

When your child returns to school they have to deal with a number of different pressures; homework, deadlines, after school clubs, social interaction. These can be stressful to children and be mentally draining.

Couple this with the fact that children have to learn lots of new skills and information on a daily basis and you get a situation where sleep is absolutely essential. The study found that anxiety was the root of a lot of children’s sleeping problems.

Dr Gad of the study states “Normal sleep for children and teenagers is supposed to be eight hours or more and once sleep is becoming interruptive for between two weeks and one month, children need to see a psychiatrist for inspection”.

A our memory foam mattress can help your child sleep by offering a comfortable yet supportive night’s sleep. Memory foam also offers the benefit of molding to an individuals shape. This is ideal for growing children and teens whose bodies are changing on a week by week business. To help your child on their way to a good night’s sleep have a look at our full range of memory foam mattresses.

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