Memory Foam Mattress – Guide to Buying

Memory Foam and its use in mattresses has been the latest bedding industry craze for nearly 2 decades. The sustainable structure of memory foam makes it a sound investment for any mattress buyer as its longitivity outlasts that of normal pocket sprung mattresses. Memory foam mattresses, also provide a total and individual support to your body shape and adapts to your natural sleeping position.

A brief history on Memory foam

Memory foam was a substance first created and used by NASA in the early 1970′s. The substance was used to sustain the impact of take off on the astronauts. Tempur -Pedic, now an internationally renowned company, were the first to issue memory foam as a bedding product to hospitals and other medical groups. This hit the consumer market in the early 1990′s first as memory foam mattress toppers and then as memory foam mattresses.

Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses have been reduced over the years as more manufacturers are developing the product and trying to maintain a competitive margin.

Memory foam mattresses should contain at least 2-3 inches of memory foam (or commonly known as visco elastic) to provide a more supportive and plusher mattress feel. with this density, you would obtain a more supportive nights sleep from your memory foam mattress

The densities of memory foam within a memory foam mattress is more of a preference thing. Any memory foam mattress that comes complete with under 4lb of memory foam density will provide you with a softer feeling mattress. 5lb and over will provide a firmer feel.

Be careful of manufacturers you buy from. Highgate, Sealy, rest assured, kaymed and millbrook all produce high quality memory foam mattresses and are well know household names. Another good seller which is relatively new to the market is Sleep shaper memory foam mattresses which are providing more affordable memory mattress solutions. This brand is one of the more popular sellers in our stores.

Memory foam is often called visco elastic also. Many memory foam mattress manufactueres refer to the material as visco elastic. This is a variable but sustaiable memory foam product which again includes a great degree of support and density in you memory foam mattress.

If you are buying you memory foam mattresses in store then try find out as much as possible about the memory foam mattress you are wanting to buy. A good memory foam mattress can last up to 10 years so is a orth while investment.

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