Memory Foam Mattress Topper Buying Guide

Memory foam mattress topper is an economical alternative to a full mattress made of memory foam. The topper is made to fit seamlessly over your existing mattress, and if you have selected a proper one, you can derive almost the same benefits of a memory foam mattress.

However, make sure your existing mattress does not have dents or sags, as an inconsistent base will diminish the benefits of having a memory foam topper. Here is a buying guide for memory foam mattress topper, so that you can enjoy most of the benefits of this economical solution.

Advantages Of Memory Foam

Memory foam is a unique product that becomes soft in response to heat from your body. This property makes this foam very pliable to the contours of your body, which results in high level of comfort.

Secondly, once body heat is removed, it regains its original shape, thus maintaining its form, and there will not be any sagging. Memory foam is excellent for providing the right support to the body while you sleep, and is ideal for people suffering from rheumatoid or arthritic pains.

How To Know Which Ones To Buy

(Note: consider our price comparison live feed on memory foam toppers at the end of this article!) The are many different types of memory foam mattress toppers, some of which have a greater variety of features that help to enhance the sleeping experience.  Low-cost options tend to be quite basic and are not always guaranteed to provide the best fit.

Other selections are much higher in quality and will grace the top of your mattress with a seamless fit that will not compromise the overall aesthetics of your room. Sometimes, depending upon your needs, a thin and very inexpensive option will work best.  For instance, if you are merely trying to enhance the comfort of a pull-out sofa bed, a thin and minimalist design will work perfectly.  You can easily dress the bed with a small, cheap topper and still trust that everything will fold up and store nicely.

Selecting the Right Density

The most important characteristic of memory foam is its density, and this is an important aspect to consider while selecting a memory foam mattress topper. There are various density options and the measurement will be given in pounds per cubic foot. When the density is more, the foam will more precisely confirm to body contours, and will take a little longer to regain its original shape.

Hence, a higher density topper is much more suitable, as it will be more firm and can give much better support, especially when the original mattress is softer. A density of 4 lbs or above is quite suitable for a memory foam mattress topper.

Consider the Thickness

Thickness of foam toppers is another important aspect to consider, as it also makes a major difference to the comfort level and body support. The level of thickness and density are closely related, and as a rule, when the density is quite high, a thinner topper will suffice, and lesser density topper will have to be thicker. Secondly, sleeping preferences will also have a bearing on choosing the thickness.

People who like to sleep on their stomachs should go for two-inch thickness with a density of 4 lbs, whereas people, who prefer sleeping on their back or side, will require three-inch thickness topper. These combinations of thickness and density will provide the best compromises between softness and support.

Quality Is Everything When It Comes To Comfortable Sleep

Do not be tempted by companies offering foam toppers at very low prices, as this could lead to buying a poor quality product.  Even when you choose a memory foam mattress topper with the right density and thickness, if the quality is poor, you may not find the comfort level and support you are seeking.

Secondly, poor quality memory foam will give off a chemical smell, which will be quite unpleasant while you are sleeping. That being said, not all low – priced memory foam toppers are of poor quality, and a great way to find out is by viewing customer feedback on websites such as and

Always go for reputed companies that provide a long warranty period of around ten years. If you are shopping online, do some research about the dealer outlet, and see what company toppers they are stocking. Do not go by the photos; rather make sure the name of the manufacturing company is clearly listed.

It is also better to look at various websites having the company you require, as you are likely to get good discounts on certain sites. If you are buying memory foam topper for the first time, it is better to visit an actual shop and feel the product, to get an idea of the support and comfort you can expect, however, there are many benefits to acquiring memory foam products online.

The Benefits Of Shopping Online

Choosing to purchase these goods online will always provide buyers with a more extensive range of options. The various searching and sorting features that are available on the web make the overall experience significantly easier.

Best of all, many companies are happy to provide their customers with free shipping if they commit to orders that exceed a minimum purchase amount.

Why Memory Foam Mattress Topper Is The Best Option

Memory foam technology has very unique characteristic of molding itself to the contours of your body, as the material reacts to body heat and responds accordingly. Hence, it is the best option for providing support and bringing relief to pressure points on your body.

However, you do not have to purchase the entire mattress of this material, as memory foam toppers provide the same advantages. Here we shall discuss some of the main benefits.

Great Savings

Memory foam of good quality can work out quite costly, if you are thinking of replacing the entire mattress. However, if you only purchase an overlay for your existing mattress, it will serve the same purpose. A memory foam topper of about three inches thickness should be adequate, and you would be saving hundreds of dollars.

Secondly, the topper would hardly be noticeable as it is available in various sizes, and you could select one that matches your current mattress size.

High Comfort Level and Support

Pressure points can cause quite a bit of discomfort while sleeping. Until memory foam, was commercially available, only waterbeds were able to provide pressure relief, but these beds were bulky, inconvenient, and produced motion. Memory foam delivers even better relief to pressure points, has the advantage of being without any motion, and provides superior support.

Hence, it does not matter what your existing mattress is made of, as long as it is not sagging too much. You can get much superior comfort level by just placing a memory foam topper on it.

Sleep Cool and Safe

Memory foam toppers of good quality are also cool to sleep on, as they allow air to flow freely. New technology has enabled manufacturers to design the material in a way that does not trap heat, and it actually moves heat away from the body.

Secondly, memory foam is now manufactured with proper curing and drying processes that guarantee zero harmful emissions from the foam. Hence, such a memory foam topper is completely safe even for a baby.

Memory foam toppers for mattresses are ideal in every way, as they are very comfortable and reasonably priced. However, these toppers are not meant for fixing an old mattress that is quite worn out. If you are trying to extend the life of a sagging mattress with memory foam topper, it will not work, as core support will be lacking, and it will be felt through the topper.

Other Considerations

Make sure the memory foam mattress topper is of the correct size that is suitable for the dimensions of your existing mattress. It should cover the entire surface area, and not leave out any portion, as that would make the mattress quite uncomfortable.

Secondly, always insist on buying foam toppers with a washable cover, as that will prevent allergic reactions and you can protect the topper from spillage. Carefully consider the different points given in this buying guide, and take an informed decision on selecting a proper memory foam mattress topper.

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