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Human beings need to sleep, in comfort and regularly. Did you know that if you stay awake for 17 consecutive hours that your body reacts as if you were slightly drunk? Or that one in six car accidents are thought to be the direct result of being sleepy? Canadian statisticians have found that car accidents drop in the fall when the entire country gets to sleep in for an hour. Sleep is a serious business.

So, we need our sleep; that much is clear. Creating a comfortable space, a bed that lulls you into a delicious state of slumber, may help you catch the full forty winks that will put a spring in your step during waking hours. And you don’t have to buy an outrageously priced bed to get proper sleep. A memory foam mattress topper does the job, and fits directly on the bed that you have now.

Types of Mattress Toppers


There are several types of mattress toppers available in the market:

  • Memory Form
  • Feather
  • Fiber
  • Latex
  • Wool

While these different types of mattress toppers have their own pros and cons, the memory foam type of mattress topper is the most popular. It provides the most support, and it helps to relieve tension for those with muscle or joint pain.

What is a memory foam?

Memory foam comes to us from the brilliant and scientific minds of NASA. It is polyurethane that has been treated so that it becomes denser and easier to mold. You may have seen photographs of memory foam, or video clips. A typical demonstration of how this material works is to show a hand pressing down on it; when the hand is lifted, a perfect indention in its shape is left behind.

How does memory foam help up to sleep?

A memory foam mattress or mattress topper absorbs your physical body. Imagine that you are off to bed in a few moments. You lay down on your mattress and it remains solid below you. You may shift about a little, to get cozy and comfortable. Right? Now imagine that you’ve a new memory foam mattress topper. Instead of feeling a flat and solid surface beneath you, you will feel yourself sink into the memory foam, just a little. The sensation is closer to floating than meeting physical resistance.

This quality of memory foam, that it moves with the contours of your body, means that it reduces that tension that occurs between your body and a mattress with a hard surface. The tension that can have you tossing and struggling for several minutes before you find a comfortable position. This flexibility of memory foam can be especially important for sufferers of arthritis or physical injuries.

Does a memory foam mattress topper act in the same way as a memory foam mattress?

The topper is placed directly over your mattress, providing a solid base of memory foam between your body and the surface of your mattress. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is quite difficult to distinguish a memory foam mattress topper from a memory foam mattress. This is welcome news as while the bed requires a hefty investment, while the topper does not.

What do medical professionals have to say?

The study of sleep is a fairly recent endeavor and there have not been conclusive studies connecting memory foam to healthful rest. Though a Dr. Gromer at the Minnesota Sleep Center has said that if a lack of sleep is caused by physical discomfort, memory foam may provide relief and rest. The National Sleep foundation has said that when back pain prevents sleep, memory foam may be one remedy.

We all get to sleep in different ways, finding a comfortable space that works for you is most important.

To wrap up

It is not possible to overestimate the importance of getting regular sleep. A lack of sleep has been identified as being casually related to all manners of physical ailments, including depression, obesity, workplace accidents, driving accidents, heart disease, diabetes, headaches and, yes, even death.

If you are working on improving your health, do not neglect sleep. Taking time to sleep well will benefit you in the short and long term. Take a moment to think about your bed. Is it comfortable? Do you fall asleep with ease, without tossing about trying to find a spot that feels right? If your bed is not comfortable, a memory foam mattress topper may be the affordable option that will transform it into a peaceful physical space that you will look forward to at the end of a long day.

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