Memory Foam Mattress Toppers for Best Dreams

In 70’s at the Institute of the American space agency NASA scientists were solving an important problem – how to reduce the pressure of gravity on astronauts during take-off of the spacecraft. As a result, a new material – “the storage of viscose-elastic foam” that looks like foam, but has a sticky, “marshmallow” texture was discovered. This material reacts to the heat of the body and the foam surrounds it, retaining the shape of that part of the body that touches the material. All this results in a significant increase of the touch of the body with the “bubble”, and thus reduces the pressure on the body.

Swedish manufacturer saw the potential in this material and began the research, and then the development of the material in the bedding. The company managed to solve many of the problems that originally came with the mattresses with memory foam, and also they were the first to offer their development in the medical field. Innovative material helped to remove pressure sores in bedridden patients, and had lower price, than medical air mattresses that were available then.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

This material is called Memory Form, and it is used to manufacture mattresses, pillows, mattress toppers and etc. with memory. Such memory foam mattress toppers have unique properties and are extremely useful. When people lie on them, they take the shape of their body, considering the weight and temperature. But you would not think that you are falling down. Later, when you get up, mattress topper gradually returns to its normal form. It is very useful, because in this position, the muscles relax, and the pressure on the blood vessels reduces. Also it improves circulation.

The human body is in the right position, and it reduces the pain in the bones and joints. It is suitable for people with arthritis and osteoarthritis. Therefore, if there is such a useful item, everyone will be able to relax for the night and get up in the morning refreshed and ready for new feats. On the top of everything said before memory foam mattress toppers have moisture-proof cover that protects the bed space from the harmful effects of the environment, sweat and unwanted spots, and thus prolongs his life.

They have physiological effect, because the storage foam eliminates up to 80% of the load on the spine.

Despite the fact that many brands are competing in today’s market, most of them create a cheap product that can not play in the same league with qualitative foam mattress toppers with memory. Some brands, however, moved them to a new level of comfort and support.

Not all orthopedic surgeons familiar with viscose-elastic. However, those who have tried it, recommend it to all their patients.

What is inside of Memory Foam?

It has a porous structure of microscopic springs, which are compressed under heat and the weight of the body, become soft and make the exact contours of the body (cells with memory). The cells can move under pressure and change their position to fit the contours of the body.

Memory Foam is self-venting structure that allows air to circulate inside of the mattress, maintaining a constant neutral temperature.

Who can argue that healthy sleep is very important for revitalization after a hard day?

Memory foam mattress topper is made of viscose-elastic, which reacts on the molecular level to the ground and the body temperature and adapts itself to the exact shape and weight of the body, providing anatomically correct position. Proper support for your body during the sleep is ensured in all positions.

Stay healthy, beautiful and cheerful, and then the whole world will be at your feet!

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