Pocket Spring Mattress with Memory Foam

Pocket spring mattress with memory foam is great alternative to a full foam mattress offered by us. We only stock quality British made memory foam mattresses and offer them to you at factory direct prices. Why we do only sell factory direct? This gives us a huge saving on overheads which means we can offer you low prices all year round. Why do we only sell memory foam? Simply put, memory foam has revolutionizes the bed industry. We think it offers the greatest comfort for the least amount of money. If we didn’t believe in memory foam 100% we would sell all kinds of beds. So what other mattresses are available better memory foam?

Spring based mattress – spring based mattresses are your old fashioned, standard mattress. It consists of springs covered in padding. While these can be comfortable they have been over taken by non sprung mattresses. Cheap spring based mattresses have fewer springs and can be uncomfortable to sleep on. You can get extremely comfortable pocket sprung mattresses which have lots of little springs each housed in their own individual pocket. These are extremely expensive however and do not always offer the personal comfort you expect for a memory foam mattress.

Water beds – again these are seen a little old fashioned. Their hard to build, hard to install and can leak. They can be comfortable but they need heating through the night otherwise the water will make you icy cold. This is not good for the environment or your fuel bill. Memory foam absorbs your heat and remains warm through the night.
Latex – these are quite similar to memory foam mattresses. They tend to be a bit firmer and not so responsive to the shape of your body. Like amazon memory foam they are also anti-allergenic. A memory foam mattress would be ideal if you have particular points of pressure when you sleep while a latex mattress might be better if you prefer a harder sleeping surface.

Air beds – air beds are usually associated with camping or sleeping on the floor, but you can get full beds that are filled with air. The level of air in the mattress can be adjusted by remote control so you can go from firm to soft. These beds are extremely expensive as they contain electronics and valves but some people find them comfortable.

So as you can see there are a lot of options available to you when it comes to choosing your bed and we hope you can see why we recommend memory foam over other materials and systems. While other beds might be suitable in specific circumstances, memory foam can offer unrivaled benefits in the majority of cases. Why not see what a memory foam mattress can do for you.

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