Poor Sleep Means Poor Diet

Poor sleep is a result ofa poor diet? At here we know that sleep is vital for a healthy body and sound mind which is why we offer the most comfortable night’s sleep available with our memory foam mattresses. There is a lot of research going on into the science of sleep and we often come across studies which support what we already know.

Scientists at the University of Chicago have found a link between lack of sleep and over eating. They took a group of healthy men and women and studied them over two 14 day periods. For the first two week period they were allowed 5.5 hours sleep and then allowed 8.5 hours for the second two weeks.

They were allowed to eat as much as they wanted during the days. When on only 5 and a half hours sleep the participants consumed 1,087 calories in snacks against only 866 calories in snacks when well rested. It is thought that the body mistakes tiredness for hunger and so leads you to snack more when you are sleepy. At the University of San Paulo scientists have found that eating too much during the day can lead to poor sleep at night.

Why should you put up with poor sleep at night? A great night’s sleep will make you feel great and look great. But for some a goodnight’s sleep can be elusive; something we all want but can’t always get.

A memory foam mattress can help. It offers both comfort and support for that incredible night’s sleep. It offers something a standard mattress can’t; both comfort and support.

Standard mattresses can be comfortable. These mattresses will be soft enough to lull you into a great night’s sleep. You will find these mattresses won’t offer a decent level of support for the parts of your body that need it.

On the other hand you could go for a firm mattress to get this support. But then a firm mattress simply won’t offer you comfort. The worst case scenario would be that a firm mattress would cause the build up of pressure under certain parts of your body.

With a standard mattress you have to make a choice. A memory foam mattress on the other hand offers the best of both worlds; both comfort and support. The comfort comes from the memory foam melting underneath your potential pressure points. the support comes from the foam remaining firmer in places where you need it. This is why a memory foam mattress has become the answer to millions of people’s need for a good night’s sleep.

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