Queen Memory Foam Mattress – The Ideal Solution for Your Comfort

Queen memory foam mattress is the most demanded size and also a very comfortable solution to a cozy sleep. This queen size mattress is one of the most demanded sizes as many customers are willing to buy the queen size mattress. It has a standard measure of 60 inches by 80 inches. It is a size big and spacious enough for two people of average height and fits in the room and in queen size bed elegantly.

Why choose Queen Memory foam mattress?

This specific mattress is definitely of great quality, made with care and practical use. The memory foam mattresses are specifically designed to offer a great amount of comfort which. These mattresses are denser than many other mattresses and made with different layers. It takes the shape of your body and helps to support your body as well. It is engineered to distribute the pressure exerted on your body evenly.

If we go as back as 1970, NASA was the one to develop such memory foams to be lined in air and space crafts for flight comfort and crash safety.

In terms of softness and firmness, Queen memory foam mattress comes in three major form. Each form catering a different kind of demand of people according to their preference and need.

Plush Mattress

The plush mattresses are readily available in the actual stores and even the online stores. They are extra soft with plush effect to deliver extra comfort and a very cozy sleep.  It provides relief to pressure points of the body especially to the back and a great mattress for side sleepers. It also is perfect for avoiding any kind of back, neck or shoulder pain. Major and most important effect of this plush Queen memory foam mattress is that it takes the shape of your body and gives a hugging feel making you feel safe, secure and comfortable.

It maintains an air flow so that it keeps your body cool. And it does not transfer any motion so when you toss or turn your partner does not feel any disturbance.

Top plush queen-sized mattress available is Serta Sleeper Alesbury 8″ plush memory foam mattress.

Medium Mattress

It is slightly firm to give a plush effect. It is designed to give support to the body and make sure no stress is put on the pressure points. It supports the lumbar region of the body. So anyone with backache problems can benefit from this for a sound sleep.

Example of the medium mattress in queen size is Sleep’s Calm 9″ Euro Too Memory Foam Mattress.


Then we have the firm queen mattresses which are best for spinal alignment. They are of high density. Helps to maintain the perfect shape of the body and a supportive sleep. This specially made to avoid backaches and shoulder aches. Best for back and stomach sleepers. The air circulation is maintained in the matters for a cooling effect to the body.

Best selling firm queen foam mattress is Dream Bed Lux LX510 12″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress.


When it comes to Queen memory foam mattress, customers have shown high demand and great love for each type of mattress. The queen size already being in high demand, each type whether plush or firm all have gained popularity and have been a choice of the customer as a priority.

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