Rolling up of a Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

If you or your family is trying to enhance their bedding, memory foam mattress is a suitable option for you. There are several companies and many shops that make and sale several types of memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are a good way to enhance your comfort level and create the best sleeping surface for you. After purchasing it or the times when you do not need a memory foam mattress, you must roll it up in a boy to transport or store it safely. Memory foam mattresses can be rolled up and then can be covered in the package it has come in. all you need to roll it up in a box and keep it at a place where the space is enough to keep the shape of the memory foam mattress in its real form for a longer time.

Following is the method of rolling up the memory foam mattress in a box. You just must follow these easy steps to keep the mattress stored safely.

First, you need to remove the bedding and take it off from your memory foam mattress. Then remove the mattress from the bed to roll it up and pack.

After that, you are required to place the memory foam mattress on the hard and straight surface like the floor of your room. You are also required to place the provided packaging of the memory foam mattress at the side of that lying mattress on the floor. Make sure that you find a place that is spacious enough that you can place both the mattress and the cover side by side.

Best Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

After that you will require another person to assist you while folding the memory foam mattress. You will stand at one corner of the memory foam mattress and on the other corner; the other person will stand and hold it. Now you will kneel near the memory foam mattress carefully.

Rolling up of a memory foam mattress in a box

Hold the mattress and start rolling the mattress from the corner that is close to you toward the other person standing opposite to you slowly. Rolling must be done with a lot of care and attention.

Making your way to the other person while rolling it, you will now have to grab the packaging while the other person will hold the mattress that is all rolled up. Start sliding up the edge of the packing at the end of the rolled memory foam mattress and slightly slide it up all over the rolled mattress. Now you can secure the mattress with the tie string. This all tied up memory foam mattress is ready now to be put in the box. The packaging box that is provided to you while purchasing the mattress should be placed carefully. After sliding up all the rolled-up memory foam mattress pack the box carefully and place it in the store where it is not bent or pushed by anything. Otherwise you may destroy the shape of the memory foam mattress.

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