Sleep Innovations 12 Inch Sure Temp Mattress Review

The Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress King Size features memory foam padding to a depth of 2.5 inches plus a foam core of 9.5 inches, all of which is encased in a non-removable knitted mattress cover. It is considered to be different to other memory foam mattresses as the manufacturer suggest that it doesn’t cause you the discomfort of sweat. In all honesty and attempting to debunk the myths surrounding memory foam mattresses, all memory foam conforms to similar characteristics and behaves in very similar fashion. The difference between good and not so good memory foam mattresses is in their construction.

Memory foam was first developed in 1966 in response to the needs of astronauts suffering from increased tolerances of G-force on their bodies. Memory foam is an invention involving visco-elastic cells that constitute polyurethane foam. It is the expansion and contraction of these visco-elastic cells in response to heat pockets from your own body that help to mold the foam around you, cocooning you so that your pressure points are supported. During this process, the visco-elastic cells warm up, increasing your own body heat and, because you move about less due to being more comfortable, your body heat is not able to evaporate so efficiently. This is the reason why you feel much warmer when sleeping on any memory foam mattress.

This polyurethane foam that is made up from innumerable visco-elastic cells is manufactured to different densities, which is why memory foam mattresses are often known as high density foam mattresses. There are different depths of memory foam, with the most suitable density for the majority of people’s comfort seems to be 3 – 5 lbs per square foot, where the lower the number the softer the mattress is. In other words, the softer the mattress, the fewer high density cells per square foot than present in the more expensive makes. Conversely, this means that most of the cheaper memory foam mattresses are actually the more comfortable mattresses to sleep on. This is the reason why the newer versions of the Tempur-Pedic mattresses are now being produced with an extra soft comfort layer on the top.

Below the 2.5 inch depth of the top layer of the mattress, is a 9.5 inch depth layer. This layer is made from polyurethane foam with a density of 2lbs per square inch. This is too low a density to be adequately comfortable. Nevertheless, below this 9.5 inch layer is the core of the mattress, with a density of 40lbs per square inch. This provides the support necessary in the construction of the mattress that enables the softer layers above the core to be effective and comfortable.

This mattress, along with all other makes of memory foam mattresses, are measured according to an Indentation Force Deflection, or ILD. This is a measurement that reflects the ease with which the mattress can be compressed, reflecting its firmness. Most people consider an ILD rating of between 12 to14 as the most comfortable, an ILD measurement of 10 is a particularly soft mattress whilst an ILD of 20 is too firm. It is manufactured to an ILD that falls between the optimum range of 12 – 14 ILD.

This makes the Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress King Size one of the more comfortable memory foam mattresses available on the market. Customers also agree that the mattresses are especially comfortable for taller people and customers who have experienced sleeping on them all agree that their sleep is less disturbed at night.

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