Sleep Innovations 8-inch Sure Temp King Mattress Review

There are many features included in the manufacture of the Sleep Innovations 8-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress King Size, one of which is an integral fire retardant barrier incorporated into the honeycomb cells of the open cell technology that make up the memory foam mattress. It is covered with an all-in-one, circular knit cover made from a luxurious material. The 3lb memory foam within this mattress has the capacity to conform to your body shape and weight, effectively reducing the incidence of your sleep being disrupted. Made to a depth of 8 inches, this mattress measures 80 inches long and 76 inches wide.

The mattress features a 6 inch depth base layer that consists of high density polyurethane foam, dispersing your weight evenly through its supportive foam consistency. The top layer consists of a 2 inch deep layer of Sure TempTM, a patented formula that easily compares with other high-end memory foam mattresses. This unique memory foam enables air to circulate freely around your body during sleep, yet compresses with the weight of your body to provide adequate comfort while you sleep. When sleeping on the mattress you will notice immediate relief from pain in your joints and your muscles.

This is due to a reduction in compression of your pressure points, the ultimate result being less tossing around during the night, leading to a better quality of sleep so that you wake in the morning and feel much more refreshed. The recommended retail price to purchase the mattress is quoted as $618.00. However, buy the same item online at Amazon and you can expect to pay $400.71, saving you as much as $217.29. It weighs 81lbs and is manufactured in the USA, the manufacturing process acknowledged as being an environmentally friendly process.

When your new mattress is delivered, it arrives in a box measuring just 2 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet. You really need two adults to remove this item from the box as it weighs around 70lbs. The reason for the small box is that it has been vacuum packed, with all the air being removed from those open air cells within the construction of the mattress. The manufacturer recommends that you lay your new mattress flat for 48 hours before you use it. This allows sufficient time for the mattress to refill with air, plumping itself back up to its full depth.

The unique construction of the memory foam layers not only ensures enhanced comfort to anybody sleeping on it, but the Mattress offers an antimicrobial effect, is resistant to mold, dust mites, bacteria and allergens. You might think twice about paying the list price of $618.00 which, even allowing for the substantial reduction in price at Amazon, is quite expensive for a mattress.  However, when you take into account the 20-year warranty the manufacturers have incorporated with your purchase, at least you can be sure that you have bought a good quality product.

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