Sleep Shop 8 Inch Suede Harmony King Mattress Review

Alleviating pressure, supporting your joints and muscles as you sleep and generally maintaining an unimpeded airflow around your body are features that are easily achievable when you sleep on the Sleep Shop 8-inch Suede Harmony Memory Foam Mattress King Size. This mattress is undeniably more comfortable than many other memory foam mattresses to be found within a similar price range. The list price quoted by the manufacturer is $999.00 but, if you are in the enviable position of being able to buy yourself the mattress today, then a visit to the Amazon website online is an absolute ‘must’.

It is currently being sold for a snip, at just $449.00, providing you with a substantial 55% saving. However, Amazon are only likely to hold this price for the foreseeable future so, if you are thinking of getting yourself a memory foam mattress and you like the idea of saving yourself a whopping $550.00, then you need look no further than this Mattress. The open-cell pockets that give the visco-elastic form its bouncy consistency also has another benefit available to you: this memory foam is naturally resistant to allergens, inhibiting dust mites as well as exhibiting other antimicrobial features.

The special manufacturing processes the mattress undergoes assists in enhancing the circulation of your blood around your body, maintaining an even blood pressure to prevent cramps while sleeping which, in turn avoids the need for you to jerk yourself awake and disrupt your sleep. The special dual air flow technology ensures an even flow of air around your body as well as beneath your sleeping form, keeping you cool as well as ensuring your comfort, and preventing you from overheating while you sleep. This is due to the open-cell matrix that makes up the structure of the foam within the mattress, through which the dual air flow system is able to flow.

As if the quality of the memory foam isn’t sufficient, but the memory foam layers are encased in an attractive and comfortable-looking suede cover. The mattress is 8 inches deep. Its other dimensions measure 80 inches long by 76 inches wide. It is actually quite heavy for an 8 inch memory foam mattress, at 100lbs weighing as much as you would expect a 12 inch deep memory foam mattress to weigh.

This weight is due to the quality of the product as the mattress consists of a foam structure that has the density of 5lb per cubic meter. This density is an optimal weight that provides you with adequate support for your body as well as sufficient comfort factor to compress in response to your body’s slumbering curves and contours while supporting pressure points, joints and muscles, cosseting them in care and comfort.

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