Sleep well with a Memory Foam Mattress

Help sleep well through the entire night with a memory foam mattress. Around a quarter of people suffer from some form of sleeping disorder with the most common being insomnia, apnea, restless leg syndrome and night terror.

Insomnia can be caused by a number of factors both chemical and psychological. Too much alcohol or caffeine can cause insomnia as can eating at the wrong times. It can also be cause by stress and the inability to unwind at the end of the day.

Apnea suffers find it difficult to breathe while they sleep. This causes the sufferer’s sleep to be poor quality and is often accompanied by loud snoring which disturbs the sleep of your partner.

Restless leg syndrome sufferers feel the urge to move their limbs when in an enclosed space such as a bed. This can occur both when awake and when asleep and can often result in the sufferer being awaken.

Night terror sufferers can awake abruptly from their sleep with symptoms associated with terror. It can often be difficult to get back to sleep afterwards.

Circadian Rhythms are better known as your body clock. Irregular sleeping patterns can lead to a breakdown in your body’s natural rhythm. This can lead to the inability to go to sleep when you need to and a feeling of grogginess and irritation when you need to be at your best. People who suffer from a disruption on their circadian rhythms are usually shift workers, especially doctors and nurses who work in well lit areas. These lights trick your body into thinking it is day.

One way to help combat this is to make sure that when you want to sleep, the room is as dark as possible.

The exact figure is not known but it is thought that many accidents and even deaths are caused every year by overwork shift staff. This highlights the importance of sleep, especially for people in positions of responsibility such as doctors and nurses, and also truck drivers. By law truck drivers have to stop every few hours for a rest. They have machines inside their trucks which logs their travelling and it is illegal for them to drive non stop for a great length of time.

There are a number of things you can try to help combat this and get better sleep.

– See a doctor
– Take a warm bath
– Get a massage
– Listen to music
– Drink warm milk
– Drink herbal tea
– Eat a bedtime snack
– Do more physical exercise during the day
– Have a regular sleep routine
– Don’t just lie there if you can’t sleep
– Don’t sleep in all morning
– Get up earlier inthe morning
– Keep your bed a place for sleep
– Avoid naps during the day
– Avoid clocks which have bright lights
– No TV before bed

If these don’t work you could try some other ideas.

– Meditation

– Imagining it is time to get up

– Count sheep

– Count backwards

– Think of something boring

If you do suffer from one of these or another sleep disorder and it’s affecting your life then you need to visit your GP. At amazon we aren’t medical professionals. We can’t promise you that investing in a memory foam mattress will cure you. We would be lying. What we can promise, and what we’ve heard time and time again from our customers, is that a memory foam mattress offers unparrallelled comfort. We hope it helps.

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