Small Single Mattress – Great for Smaller Rooms

3 mattress is a three foot single mattress, great for smaller rooms. At our memory foam products our business is to get you to have a good night’s sleep and we aim to do this by offering high quality memory foam mattresses as factory direct prices. As part of our aim to get you a good night’s sleep we know a lot about sleep and everything to do with sleep which is why we provide these articles for our customers.

Sleep debt is something you might have heard of before. It is the idea that if you miss an hour of sleep one night you can make it up by sleeping an extra hour the next night.

It is a controversial idea which some people agree with and some people don’t. Whichever side you agree with will help you answer the question below.

If I miss sleep during the week can I make up for it over the weekend?

Well there’s no doubt that a good solid stretch of sleep after a hard week can do wonders for your constitution. But it’s certainly not a good idea to miss sleep during the week only to rely on making it up at the weekend.

Your body needs a predictable sleep routine in order to function correctly and changing your sleeping patterns sporadically can mess up your body clock.

We recommend that you try and get into a routine of sleep by going to bed at getting up at the same times each day, even over the weekend.

To ensure that you get a good night’s sleep you need to find the ideal mattress on which to sleep. This is where 3ft single mattress come in. The memory foam offers a personal level of comfort by shaping and molding to your body. It yields at your body’s pressure p

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