Spirit Sleep Elegance Theratouch 14-1/2-Inch King Mattress Review

The Spirit Sleep Elegance Theratouch 14-1/2-Inch Mattress is an elegant choice for everyone looking to buy a comfortable mattress that offers restful and relaxing sleep.

Finding the proper mattress for you and your partner is not always easy, because you need to ensure that the mattress is spacious enough for two people to sleep comfortably and move around during the night without hitting on each other and having a night full of irritation. Most people like stretching and fidgeting while sleeping, so the least someone would like is to be poked or kicked during night. What you need is to ensure that you and your partner can enjoy a nice and restful sleep that will rejuvenate you.

Moreover, when looking to buy a mattress you need to consider the space provided in your bedroom; the mattress is an ideal choice because it can fit in most bedrooms and that it comes with the most sophisticated bed systems available in the market today.

If you wish to go a few steps further buying a better type of mattress but still not an oversized king size bed, you can always go for this one which is designed for people and couples who wish to have a little more space to sleep comfortably and move freely during night.

It is a great choice due to the abilities and advantages that come with the foam mattresses, such as the extra support system for the body and the relief to all achy joints. It offers a truly comfortable sleep because it allows the body to rest. This mattress offers a comfortable and durable system which allows enough room for two people to sleep quietly.

The mattress truly embraces the notion of elegance. It consists of dual density thera – touch memory foam and a latex, dual density visco layer that provides additional support to the body and an overall feeling of comfort which is unsurpassed compared to other types of foam mattresses.

There are many retailers to choose from when you are buying your memory foam queen, the choice that is perfect for those that need more space in their bed but also for those that do not want to lose space in their bedroom. The mattress layers are a picture frame jacquard rayon which is made of bamboo, a 3,5 inches dual density thera-touch memory foam, a 4,5 inches dual density visco latex layer, a 3,5 inches high layer, a 1,5 inches layer with high density foam  edge support and a 6 inches high density polyurethane foam.

The Spirit Sleep Elegance Theratouch 14-1/2-Inch Memory Foam Mattress allows the users to enjoy a quiet sleep, providing an overall better feeling and a more supportive system. It is designed to feel more stable and much quieter, a fact that makes the couple sleep comfortably, enhancing the isolation factor as well.

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