Trying Out a Memory Foam Mattress Cover

Chances are good that you’ve heard of memory foam, and have been intrigued by the idea. However, you may not be quite ready to give up your traditional mattress. Maybe you do not want to pay the price for a full size memory foam bed. So why not try a memory foam mattress cover? You will get the same great support as a regular memory foam mattress, but possibly even better! One great advantage to trying the cover, is that if you do not like it you can go right back to your regular mattress without a lot of effort.

Sleepers will be able to achieve the same great support from a memory foam mattress cover as you would from a full sized foam mattress. Many companies have learned from their customers that mattress covers are more supportive, and relieve pain at a higher rate from people with chronic pain. This has to do with having a more firm surface underneath the memory foam. (Provided that your regular mattress is on the firm side to begin with.)

Memory foam mattress covers are made of a slightly different type of foam. With your traditional visco-elastic foam mattress, the foam is harder when it is cool and softer when it is hot. The foam that is used within the covers is more versatile with temperature. This gives it the ability to remain softer for longer periods of time in varying temperature conditions.

One thing that companies advise, is to not use the foam mattress cover if you need a new mattress. Many people buy a cover to try to improve a mattress that is less supportive and out of shape. The mattress cover will only intensify these problems. It is only intended to enhance a mattress that is firm, but still of good quality and comfort. If you’ve owned your bed or mattress for many years, it may be time to replace it altogether – and you can then decide on a traditional spring mattress, or a full memory foam bed.

When picking out a foam mattress cover, make sure you go through a reputable company. This will ensure you get the quality and support that you need and deserve. Most people will desire a two to three inch thick cover. It is suggested that if you are heavier to go with a three inch or more for the best level of support. You can also find memory foam pillows that will give you an extra bit of comfort while you sleep.

Many companies will offer you the same trial periods with covers as those offered with a full memory foam mattress. So take the plunge and see if a fabulously comfortable memory foam mattress cover is just right for you!

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