Types of Firm Memory Foam Mattress

firm memory foam mattress can be a great relief to many people suffering from back pain.

What kind of mattress is right for you?

When you are looking for a mattress then it is important that you get the one that is right for you. There are many manufacturers, mattress types and firmnesses on the market. Try not to think too much about brand; paying premium for a brand basically means you are paying for their advertising. Think more about mattress type and firmness.

Latex mattress – latex mattresses are made from a foam version of latex rubber. This can be either natural, synthetic or a mixture of both. Natural rubber is supposed to be better for your skin than the synthetic version but is more expensive.

There are also two manufacturing processes for latex foam rubber; Talalay and Dunlop. The older method is Dunlop and is a common and cheap process which involves ‘cooking’ the foam until set.

The newer method is Talalay which is more expensive but does produce better results. Instead of being cooked the foam rubber is flash frozen into shape. This produces a more even foam than the Dunlop method which is harder on one side than it is the other.

Memory foam mattress – memory foam is the space age material that is becoming more and more popular with consumers.

Sprung mattress – Sprung mattresses is the main kind of mattress you can get. Though this is old fashioned technology you can still get a comfortable night’s sleep if you spend enough. An expensive sprung mattress will contain hundreds and hundreds of small individual pocket springs meaning that it will provide a snug comfort.

Air mattress – these mattresses are filled with air and offers a rather springy surface on which to sleep. The plus about these mattresses is that the amount of air in them is usually adjustable, often with an automatic handset. This is great for people who sometimes want a hardersurface and sometimes want a softer surface. On top of this, these mattresses are often separated down the middle meaning that each sleeper in the bed can set his or her own personal firmness.

Hybrid mattresses – these are mattresses which combine different types into one mattress. You can get sprung mattresses with memory or latex foam for example. These can be a great stepping stone from your standard sprung mattress to a full foam mattress.

What about firmness?

The firmness of a mattress is also a vital factor to consider. Should you go for soft, medium or firm? Basically it is up to you and your personal preference. What makes you comfortable?

There is a quiet myth around that says that harder mattresses are better for your posture than softer ones. This isn’t true. It probably comes from the facts that most orthopaedic mattresses are harder and doctors told those recovering in hospital to lie ona harder mattress. This might be the case for bed bound people who have to have medical supervision but it simply isn’t true for people with normal sleeping patterns. So get whatever firmness is right for you. We have found that almost 90% of our customers choose a regular thickness with the remaining 10% evenly split between firm and soft.

So if you are looking for a mattress why not try a firm mattress from us. Simply select ‘firm’ from the selection on the product page. If you prefer a softer mattress then simply select ‘regular’ or ‘firm’.

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