Visco2 Memory Foam Mattress Topper 2 inch

If you are looking for a mattress topper that can provide you with a better and more relaxing sleep experience, then the 2.0 Inch Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer might be the right choice for you.

This mattress topper features ventilated memory foam which helps to provide a sleeping surface that, is not only comfortable to the touch, but also helps to provide a much better night of sleep. It is 2 inches thick and made of very high performance memory foam that does not trap heat. It allows up to five times more air flow than a typical mattress topper which will help to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

The Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer also helps to provide an individual sleeping experience that you just cannot get without memory foam. Actual memory foam contours to your body and allows you the proper support and will do the same for the partner that is in bed with you. This also helps to better align your your body and relieve pain that you feel along your pressure points. If you or your partner moves in their sleep a lot you will not feel them as much with this memory foam mattress topper because it is designed to minimize motion transfer as well.

The most important part about the 2.0″ Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Topper is that it will enhance your sleep experience, which can lead to better health on a daily basis. When we are asleep our bodies spend time healing our aches, our pains, and flushing out toxins that we do not need. When you do not sleep as well and you are restless you will not heal as much as you will if you get a good night of sleep. This alone can be the difference between living a healthy life with more energy and living a life where you feel like you could go back to sleep at any moment.

The 2.0″ Visco2 Mattress Enhancer is naturally made to be hypoallergenic and has a Microsafe covering that is not only environmentally safe, but also helps to eliminate unpleasant bacterial odors and will keep mold, mildew, and fungi from growing as well. This means that if your allergies keep you up at night using this mattress topper can help to reduce the feelings you get from your allergies every single night. You will not have to worry about anything you are allergic to making its way into your bed because your mattress topper will not allow it to live there.

So the choice is yours, you can spend a bundle of cash on an actual memory foam bed and spend the rest of your life paying it off if you decide to finance it, or you can turn your current mattress into the next best thing with the Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer. The full two inches of foam will help you rest easy at night knowing that you have the most comfortable bed you have ever slept on along with a bed that will contour to each and every curve of your body as you slip off into a blissful sleep.

2.0″ Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer Features

  • Size – Queen
  • Open Cell Design with ViscO2 Memory Foam
  • Eco-Friendly made with plant-based ingredients
  • 2 full inches thick
  • 58 inches wide by 78 inches long

Customer Reviews

“Being too cheap to buy a new mattress, I picked this up when it was on sale, and couldn’t be happier with it. I’d been wary of trying memory foam, given the wide variety of complaints about them (too small, smells bad, too hot, etc.), but now I wish I had given in sooner. This fits perfectly, lost its weird odor in about two days, and is cooler than just my unpadded mattress. And, while it doesn’t make my mattress seem comfy enough to be brand new, its more than comfy enough to put off buying a new one a while longer.”

“This visco elastic is the same as the ones out there going for close to $200.00. It came packaged nicely and the first night on my hospital bed i have at home i can’t tell you the pressure it took off my back and the comfort. Being i have 4 herniated discs, 8 pinched nerves and both problems with my si joints among other health issues, the 2 inch was very plush and has yet to lose it’s comfort and go down like pillows to. Excellent price and excellent product. I run the QVC Addicts board and have posted about this and so many have ordered and i keep getting excellent feedback from them also.”

“I bought this item when it was on sale and I couldn’t be happier. I only needed the twin size, but the King was actually cheaper, so I bought the King and cut it into 2 twins. It’s just a big comfy chunk of foam, so it was no problem to cut in half. The memory foam is so comfortable… my only worry is that when I go to college everyone is going to want to sleep in my bed because normal dorm mattresses just don’t compare.”

“I got this pad to use on the very old twin mattress I sleep on when I visit my mother in Buffalo. I got to use it last weekend for the first time and I had the best 3 nights of sleep I’ve had there in years. The pad is just the right combination of firm and soft. Definitely recommend this for anyone dealing with an old uncomfortable mattress. “

Visco2 2.0 Inch Mattress Topper Buying Information

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