What do you want to know about memeory foam?

FAQ mattress to help with your memory foam questions. We love sleep and want everyone to have a good night’s sleep with one of our memory foam mattresses. Sleep is important to use both mentally and physically and a lot of time and money is spent in the research of sleep. A recent study has looked at how lack of sleep effects speech.

Scientists at the University of Cincinnati asked test subjects to read out sentences and directions at various points without sleep; after ten hours, after 34 hours and after 58 hours. It was found that as people got more tired their speech got more ‘blurred’. Suzanne Boyce of the study stated that as people got more tired their speech went from clear speech to more conversational speech.

But people don’t slur as though they were drunk. “We’d call it ‘faintly blurred,’ rather than ‘slurred,’ speech”, she said.

So if you’ve got an important meeting or a speech to give the next day, make sure you are on top form and invest in a memory foam mattress. The special memory foam that we use in our mattresses mold to the shape of your body offering comfort at your pressure points and support where you need it. If you order before 3pm you can take advantage of our next day delivery service and be sleeping well tomorrow night.

We offer all this at factory direct prices. Our mattresses are made in British factories and shipped directly to you. No showroom. No salesman. No commission. Just great value. View our full range of memory foam products here or contact us directly.

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