What is a Memory Foam Mattress and How it works?

Memory Foam is a special material that was actually developed by NASA. The original purpose of the foam was to help ease the pressure caused by G forces. It conforms to the shape of the body and offers impressive support, thanks to the space age design.

The material itself is polyurethane, but it has several chemicals added to create a special open celled foam that changes with body heat. It is also referred to as low resilience polyurethane foam or visco elastic foam.

How Memory Foam Works

When pressure and warmth is applied, such as when someone lies down on a memory foam mattress, the foam adjusts to fit the body. The foam returns to its normal position once the weight is gone. This makes it ideal for mattresses or cushions.

By conforming to the exact shape of your body, the foam perfectly supports every curve and removes pressure points. It is frequently used in hospitals where it all but eliminates bed sores since the entire surface of the body is supported, not just the points on the hips, shoulders and knees.

Uses for Memory Foam

This unique foam is most commonly seen in mattresses, but the market has exploded in recent years with applicable products. Pillows, cushions and mattress toppers can all be found using the foam.

The Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

The biggest benefit of this type of foam used in mattresses is that you will sleep better. The majority of tossing and turning is done because the person is uncomfortable. When pressure points are pressed for too long, your body signals you to turn over. This can cause wakefulness and you may be uncomfortable.

With the foam topper or mattress, you are properly supported so those pressure points do not form. This makes it far more comfortable to sleep and eliminates a very common waking issue.

As memory foam offers near perfect support, many people find that it eliminates their aches and pains. A bad mattress can cause a lot of issues, including back and neck pain, headaches, tennis elbow and irritations of the hips, knees or elbow. There are plenty of reasons to use memory foam, but easing the pain is a big one.

Keeping Your Body Aligned And Maintaining Healthy Posture

The proper support also helps eliminate curved spines and other posture issues that can affect you very badly over the years. The memory foam helps keep your body aligned the right way and this can gradually improve things.

Memory foam is an impressive invention and something that has benefited many. Despite being a side product of NASA, it is something that has become very popular in the civilian world. When choosing memory foam, look for 60 kg cm3 or 4 lbs cft density

Memory Foam Toppers: Price Comparison & Ratings


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